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Director:  Owen Williams

Screenwriters:  Owen Williams and Ryan Anglin

Genre:  Dramedy

Format:  Feature Film

A struggling actor whose dream is slowly slipping away, loses almost everything he has before attempting to rediscover his purpose in life.

Under the Hollywood Sign Nowadays Pictures

Directors:  Owen Williams and Merry Grissom

Screenwriter:  Owen Williams

Genre:  Comedy

Format:  Half-hour single-camera TV Show


Tiny House is a single camera dramedy centered on three siblings doing the best they can in life but coming up a little short. It feels like HBO's Togetherness meets Showtime's Happyish with a little Trailer Park Boys mixed in. Having not spoken to each other since their mother's death 9 years before, three misfit siblings return home to squabble over their last remaining inheritance – the family home. Despite their differences and deep-seated grudges, the dependency on the house they grew up in forces the siblings to become something they hadn’t even known they were missing... a family.

Nowadays Pictures Tiny House

Created/Written by:  Owen Williams and Sherry Romito

Genre:  Reality

Format:  Hour-long Docu-series TV Show

These are confusing times we're living in. It's important to teach our children that their backyard is all of Mother Earth, not just the concrete patio outside the backdoor of our one-bedroom apartment. Let’s inspire them to see that this is a planet worth taking care of. Investigating. Experiencing. Let’s inspire each other to remember why we are here. We want to throw ourselves into the fire and learn more about who we are, and who we aren’t. What we’re capable of. Let’s be the parents who didn’t go running right to predictable. Lets not live for a 401K. I don’t even know what a 401K is, but I do know this- “Life moves pretty fast, you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” You know who said that? Ferris Bueller. Lets go build an igloo and sleep in it.

nowadays pictures production company

Director:  Owen Williams

Format:  Music Video


A music video featuring the song "Westfalia" by singer/songwriter Nick Gallant.

Director:  Merry Grissom

Screenwriter: Merry Grissom

Genre:  Horror

Format:  Short Film


Lily tells her parents there's a monster in the house. And there is.

nowadays pictures production company
Creative Producer

We often collaborate with Merry Grissom for many of our television and film productions. Merry graduated from Bard College in New York with a degree in Theater, and studied for a year at the British American Drama Academy in London.  Since then, she has lived in Los Angeles working as a writer, actor, producer and director in film, TV, on stage and on the web.  She also assists other writers with their scripts, and prides herself on having read (by rough estimate) a billion screenplays.

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